Monday, October 12, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i really miss these posts; i've taken a long break, but i'm ready to get back into these for my sake. this was an old post that never got posted. i will be on track with current info. next week.

Sam: i think this story is weird. tonight you started telling me a story about a guy named jackson. you were telling me how he liked to dance on a stage with only socks on, but he got too many germs on his feet so he had to go home and go to bed but he died in his bed. i really had to think about what you were talking about. it finally clicked; this is your interpretation of Michael Jackson's death. you must have seen it somewhere on tv, and apparently it made an impact on you. weird i think. a lesson on how you children soak up every thing you see or hear.

will: your new favorite words are guy and girl; every time you see a man you always say "there guy" or "who guy?". if you see a girl you say "there girl" or "who girl?" i think it's cute; i just wish you wouldn't say it right when the person is walking by us. :)

9/1 one of the favorite parts of my day is watching you boys play together; today you decided to push each other down the hill in our backyard in the wagon. i thought someone would certainly end up hurt, but no one; you both loved it.

Sam: you have been on a total "i don't like girls" kick. i know it's totally normal, so i don't make a big deal out of it. you did do the funniest thing today about that though. we were on our way to amy's. in the car you just started talking to yourself. your self talk when like this: "i just don't like girls. i only like stockton, mackey, my brother, and troy. i don't like girls." you took a short pause and then followed up with this comment: "i know, i know, i still have to be nice to everyone even if they are a girl!" i could not stop laughing even though you weren't talking to me. what made it even funnier was that you were totally just thinking out loud and were not intending to include anyone else in this conversation.

Will: you love being a mama's boy when sam is not around. we went to costco and the grocery store today, and you were a perfect little angel. what was so sweet was how you would always be trying to kiss me or want to hug me. that kind of stuff makes me want to squeeze you forever!

Sam: today at costco we were standing in line behind a guy probably late 30s that was totally decked out in business casual. he definitely had a polished look. sam leaned over and whispered "mom, do you see that man? he's really fancy!"

Will: i think emi is your best friend. you always want to call emi and you always want to go to emi's house.

Sam: on friday nights we watch a short family movie, and we let you and will go to sleep in our bed. tonight will was crying because he was scared of his reflection in the mirror. i was in there trying to help. sam rolled over to hold his hand and try to comfort him. sam looked up at me and said "mom, when i grow up i want to marry scooter!"

Sam: you became a little budding artist on your bedroom wall, toy box, hall walls, and salon walls. you were so proud of your pictures of the earth and ghosts it was easy to not be angry. instead we have spent some time together trying to get it scrubbed off.

Will: you're always concerned when sam is in trouble for things. however, you love trying to get him in trouble. you tattle a lot and claim that "sam hit me". maybe he does, but i know sometimes it's a story.

Sam: you started preschool this week. it's still home preschool, but we are doing it with emily and tyce so you have more people than me. you seem to really like it; i think it will be a good thing, but i'm sure going to miss our morning freedom to do whatever strikes us. i'm glad you have always loved learning, and i hope you always will.

Will: you like preschool, too, especially tyce and emi. you loved doing what the big kids were doing, and you were good.

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Pete said...

Sam life can be predicted.....but will? That little dude is a character and a half!

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