Thursday, November 1, 2012

employer wanted

sam loves working.
he is good at working.
sam loves money,
and he loves to earn money while working.
he loves money in the "put in the bank and save it" kind of way.
he informed today when he got home from school that he would like to start working for the neighbors on certain days raking leaves to earn $1.
then he thought bigger,
solicit on my blog,
so here we are.
he is willing to do most jobs such as....
*raking leaves ($1)
*moving logs ($0.75)
*moving garbage cans ($0.13)
*making beds ($2.03)
*help move to another house ($5.35)
*vacuuming ($1)
*clean up toys or living room (whole house $5.45, 1 room $1)
*help mow ($10.50)
*reading to little kids ($3.58)
*wrap birthday presents at nighttime ($2)
*wash car ($3.99)
*fold, hang, and put laundry away ($1 per person)
*picking apples (1 hr. $3)
*sweeping hair salons (ginoromous one $10, regular $3)

i can vouch for this boy's character and work ethic.
if you are interested in hiring him for any of the above mentioned jobs,
then please email me at or leave a comment.
have a nice day.


Uriona Family said...

I love his pricing. I think it may be worth hiring him. Maybe Dax will pick up on Sam's enthusiasm to work. ;)

Cydney M said...

We will hire him. Next week I have so many jobs for him. Eric has to have surgery on his arm tomorrow, but after that, he has a job. When can I get a hair cut?

Arin and Troy said...

We could have used him to help us move. That is a very reasonable price!

katwalk said...

:) love his style. send him our way. we have some fire wood he could stack :) like Arin I think his pricing is good. again I think you should send him this way. he would LOVE it here. good luck in the money making department

BreAnna said...

Uhhhh. HIRED!! Fold, hang and put aways laundry for $1!? I'll never do laundry again! Such a good kid, I hope the neighbors give him some work, if I was close I really would have him come over and clean up toys! I'm all for supporting a hard working boy like him!

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