Sunday, November 11, 2012

i've been robbed

something has been in my house.
he has been making his presence known here for many months.
for the most part i can keep him confined to the corner,
but he is always looking
and always waiting for the perfect moment to lash out and steal and plunder.
he's not quiet about it either.
rather, he's quite loud.
he has been out and taking the things very most precious to me.
the things far more valuable than any monetary possessions that i have in my home.
this anxious thief has been stealing my time,
stealing my ability to focus,
stealing my heart,
stealing my peace,
and stealing my best ability to connect with the ones that i love in the ways that i like.
he had a few days off last week.
our home was locked down so tightly there was no way for him to make it in.
i had a few days without the fight to keep him in the corner,
a few days without his constant noise in my head threatening to take my valuables.
but he has found a crack somewhere.
i can hear him slipping back in.
don't worry, you need not call the authorities.
they are well aware of the situation
and are doing all they can to protect me.
the only thing you could do is kick the anxiety thief to the curb and remind him that he is never welcome here.
not ever.


Ganny said...

Well now, that darned thief has been in my house too. He is a sly fellow, and works full time here, or so I thought.

Roxey said...

J and Ganny! I'm worried about you two!

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