Monday, November 12, 2012

like mother like daughter

i ran away once.
i think i was 3.
i started walking to my grandma's house down the country mile.
who knows why i really did it.
i've ran away many times in my mind.
like when i was in the 3rd grade,
and my friend lisa park & i planned a whole running away experience,
complete with stealing her parent's golf cart, food to pack, and a late night departure.
the only thing that stopped that plan was that we had no where to go.
i think that's maggie's case.
she packs her pink backpack a lot and says she's going.
she fills it with well thought out items...
all of her wooden food, a water bottle, and her baby.
she was set tonight.
i hope she never really runs away.
i hope that she will always know that there is not a better place than home.

1 comment:

katwalk said...

looks like mommy too, that's so funny :)thanks for sharing.....

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