Monday, November 26, 2012

another runaway

running away must be a common theme around here.
after maggie packed her bag so did the boys.
they spent all afternoon secretly planning a run away.
they gathered extra clothes and hid them under sam's stuffed animals.
they would need them to change out of their jammies in the night.
you see, this was going to be a night escape.
they requested all day that i wake them when i went to bed.
they made me promise.
they also packed oranges and ham lunchmeat.
i'm sure they would get hungry.
they had planned to go about 1 mile.
spygear flashlights were tucked away,
and the sunday ads too.
they spent all afternoon whispering and plotting.
i loved watching it all unfold from a distance.
remember when you were a kid and you thought you were being so secretive?
the only thing i didn't like was them taking off their screen on their window and attempting to get a rope out the window.
that was their escape route.
very dangerous.
if they are already planning that at age 5 & 7 imagine how many times those 2 will attempt a window escape as teenagers!!
well, the plan didn't go off.
close to bedtime will spilled it.
he said he didn't want to run away.
he was afraid the police would catch them.
he said he didn't want to walk to smith's marketplace anymore to get grown-up movies.
(apparently grown-up movies are the ones where the people say stupid & shut up. now i know.)
he was too scared and really didn't want to leave home,
so needless to say i didn't wake them up when i went to bed.
i don't think sam was too disappointed either,
and i'm certainly glad they didn't go.


Ganny said...

I love your blogs!!!!!!!! You know some days, I feel like I would like to run away too.

Pete said...

hmmm it seems I was left in the dark about all this planning. The boys need to remember "there is no place like home".

abby said...

This is too darling!! Something they will love to talk about in ten years.

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