Wednesday, October 31, 2012

it must be halloween

another halloween came and went with all the typicals...
school parties,
trick or treating,
french dip sandwiches,
too much candy,
and adorable kids in self-decided costumes.

sam: indiana jones
he cleaned the salon for weeks to earn money to buy the satchel, whip, & machete.

will: incredible hulk
he was a little undecided this year. he normally invents something like flopsy the rabbit or a circus monkey with a red hat. i think that is his preference. he never cared to wear the hulk mask or the hulk smash gloves. essentially he had an expensive body suit.

maggie: she was a pink "meow meow", her choice.
she loves pink, and she loves cats. if anyone called her a bunny she corrected them and said "no! me pink meow meow!"


Jani said...

Cute kids. That last picture of Maggie is a keeper.

Roxey said...

So cute! Maggie's costume worked out great!

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