Sunday, October 14, 2012

home school

will has a summer birthday.
i've worried incessantly the last year about whether or not i should send him to kindergarten this year or give him 1 more year at home.
i did all the research and questioned soooo many mothers that had done both.
in the end, all of that work and worry just helped me to listen to what my mother heart had been saying all along.
keep him home.
it was the right choice for us.
i have seen a side of him that i haven't really seen before and may never have seen.
he is happy to be home.
he is an easy kid to have home.
there will be one more layer of that special kind of security that only home can provide.
for various reasons he didn't go back to preschool either,
but we have started "baby kindergarten" at our house as he calls it.
(he thinks it's school for maggie, and it may as well be for how excited she is about it!)
it's very casual,
but we treat it with importance.
we had the official start day as if he were really going to school,
and every day since he has inspired the planning, selected his recess friends (and sometimes that's only panda, but he's ok with that), and participated as if it was the real deal.
it is the real deal.
just the right deal for him
and for me.
i wil never regret this decision.


ganny said...

A great blog.

BreAnna said...

Steele is in preschool this year, I had serious doubts (he has two before kindergarten) For the first time I have been considering home school, and he's actually been doing great with school. Never really something I every thought I would ever even consider. Different kids need different things, and there is nothing wrong with being his advocate if he isn't ready for "the system" or if the system isn't going to work for him.

Melissa said...

Jen, that's so good you get to have him home another year. He looks so much like Pete! You look beautiful. I hope all is well your way. Sending a big hug!

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