Friday, May 4, 2012

by alison meghee and peter h. reynolds

someday is a mother's heartfelt wish for daughter- that she will grow up healthy, experience joys, and someday have a family of her own. the book traces significant moments in a girl's life from infancy through adulthood, chronicling both achievements and heartache along the way. the simple illustrations add to the emotion of the book just as much as the simple text. it is a tender read for a mother, and the illustrations will draw even the youngest listener in. this is a nice, sentimental book to keep on your daughter's shelf or to pass along to your mother as way of thanking her and admitting how much you can relate to her now.

there are several reasons i'm thinking about this book tonight:

1. my sister-in-law gave me this after maggie was born, and mag & i have started it reading it together lately. i didn't think maggie would take to it so young, but she often picks it by calling it her "baby" book.
2. i have spent the evening alone with just maggie, and that can be a rare delight. with this book fresh on my mind, i couldn't help but better see the childhood joys that she is experiencing as well as the hope that i feel for her life to always be so full. as we pulled into home from our cookie date, i was reminded of a line from the book ("someday you will look at this house and wonder how something that feels so big can look so small"). that's the home i hope to create for all of my children, no matter where that home ever is.
3. mother's day and my birthday will be on the same day this year. this book somehow makes me feel really special that i was born on mother's day. i would have liked to have a mother's day baby.

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katwalk said...

My Dear Jenni, That brought so many thoughts to mind. I have always felt very blessed to have been giving such a special daughter as you on Mothers Day, I have had a Mother's day gift everyday since you were born. As I look back, I knew alot about you before you were born. you were due april 27, but waited till may 13 to be my mothers day gift. on the 11 my doctor told me not to have you that weekend, as he was going to the beach. not taking his pager (before cell phones) but we didn't care, as Mother's Day was the perfect day, I must say it was a very easy birth didn't really know I was in labor. but was back home with you 15 hrs after going to hospital :)the one thing I remember Dr. Jones saying. Was a little raggy but she'll do. little did I know ALL that YOU would DO. I know you know all that you have done in your life...but it is kinda of like being in a mirror, on the other side as a mother always watching you with a different set of eyes. With the gift that my very loving Father in Heaven blessed me for this I am thankful. Yes the body may have been abit raggy. but you are and always have been one of the strongest spirits I know. love you forever

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