Tuesday, May 22, 2012

21:: MAY

so grateful i have a baby who has learned to use the potty before she has learned to talk.
who needs words when you already know how to run to the potty all day when you need to go?
we are only on day 3,
but she got it on day 1.
only 1 accident & always dry when she wakes up.
can i get a THANK YOU, MAGGIE!
there will be many things i miss about not having babies,
like a little girl who says "NUMNUM" anytime she wants something to eat
or "NO, BABY!" for just about everything else,
but diapers are the one thing i will NOT miss.
thank you, maggie!

1 comment:

Uriona Family said...

Oh, I am so jealous. Tess was so easy but Dax wasn't and I know Hobie won't be either. ONE sleeve of diapers left then we are approaching the scary route ourselves. Wish me luck.

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