Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16:: MAY

thankful for the days when will wrecks on his scooter and scrapes his elbow.
not thankful for the scrape,
but thankful that because his elbow is "stinging" so bad he can't sleep,
so i get to put him in my bed,
along with sam,
(because 1 can't go without the other),
and lay beside him while he whimpers into my shoulder.
i got to listen to him talk about all the things that will distract him,
like about asking his auntie where she got the leap pads
and about how come they couldn't sleep in our bed forever even though calvin used to and he was as big as sam & will pushed together.
he doesn't often want to snuggle like this,
so very thankful i took the time to do it.
and thankful that i got into bed before pete
so i could fall asleep with these boys still in my bed.
very, very thankful.

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katwalk said...

I hope his elbow is ok..mine still hurts too. but better. watch it. remember Arins hair line fracture was right next to the growth plate or something. she still has problems with it I think. xray wouldn't hurt.

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