Friday, December 16, 2011

day 16 eli the elf

this was certainly a day worth remembering.
we found eli buckled in the backseat of our van this morning,
complete with a backpack & a plastic suit.
the backpack was because he was going to school with sam,
and the plastic suit was so that we could touch him without him losing his magic.
you see, sam performed in the nutcracker at his school today,
and eli wanted to go.
apparently the elves do a performance themselves while at the north pole,
hey, that's at least what he said. 
he had a wonderful time,
and sam did a lovely job,
especially when they did the color red.
maggie and will were delighted to have an extra audience member with them,
and i was quite impressed with this little elves' clever attempt to come more alive to my children.
he's pretty committed, i tell ya.

1 comment:

Ganny said...

cute little boy and girl!!!!! Sounds like the Elf situation has been fun. Betcha Sam was cute in his part.

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