Sunday, January 22, 2012

fast forward

i'll just pretend that i've recorded something about the past month,
but since i haven't really,
then i will just fast forward to now.
we are always busy over here,
always dreaming up something.
one of the most delightful things going on around here are sam & will's dance performances.
they are constantly busting a move and rounding up an audience to watch.
on this particular night....
they turned off all the lights,
fired up some music,
and requested pete shake a flashlight at them for a strobe light effect.
they took an intermission to prepare for their final performance.
20 minutes later they unlocked themselves from the bathroom,
fully shaven,
arms & legs scrubbed with soap,
brushed teeth,
and totally doused in cologne.
let's just say that finale was something to remember.


katwalk said...

;) sounds like they set the stage for some sweet dreams

Uriona Family said...

Oh i love it! Sounds like fun. I need to call you we miss you guys.

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