Tuesday, January 24, 2012

where dreams come true

if i must admit,
i have been worried that sam & will would never like each other.
since will's birth there has been so much competition between them
and not exactly what i would have called brotherly love.
i have struggled with this
and many times have felt that sibling friendship would never come for these two.
however, they have recently turned over a new leaf in their relationship.
they are actually playing TOGETHER,
and more importantly dreaming together.
a few weeks ago they shared with me their plan to buy a house together.
they plan on living right next door to pete & me.
they will have their own rules though,
which includes eating as many snacks as they want.
they made it clear that pete & i can come over whenever we want,
we don't even have to ask first.
we were recently picking up some paint at home depot.
they were busy in the disney paint section.
they brought me bright paint samples and informed me these were the colors they were going to be painting in their house together.
i was more than DE-LIGHTED!
it reminded me of being a pre-teen,
riding around an upscale oklahoma city neighborhood
and planning with my sisters about buying a mansion together and living in separate wings with our families after we were married.
we are still planning a "walker homestead" where we all live on the same plot of land,
just in separate houses.
we plan these dreams because we care about each other so much that we don't ever want to have to live without each other.
i hope that by sam & will planning their own house together
they are secretly saying they love each other so much, too, that they never want to be apart.

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