Wednesday, December 7, 2011

day 7 eli the elf

today worked out great for eli.
i was certain he would never be found tucked away in sam's stuffed animal net.
due to a series of unordinary events he was found rather quickly.
sam got into our bed last night because he was having a dream that pete was trying to blow up our house.
will got in sam's bed this morning in an attempt to trick us.
while he was laying there he spied eli all tucked into the animal pile.
eli was thrilled to find the animals and knew how much the boys love animals,
so he delivered tickets for a night at the zoo to see the zoo lights.
unfortunately it was freezing cold, sam was sick, and the tickets expired today,
but we loaded up anyways to make an appearance.
it was cold as expected.
freezing cold.
sam was still sick.
the lights were cool,
but the real treat was the free refill hot chocolate mug we bought.
we all shared,
so we will probably all be sick.
all in all, a fun time.
thanks, eli!

will proud that he finally found the elf

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