Thursday, December 1, 2011

welcome eli the elf

we had a visitor arrive in our home today.
he arrived by parachute down our chimney,
and got a little stuck as he was trying to get in.
he's small,
doesn't say much,
and looks like he could have come from the north pole.
thank goodness he came bearing a note.
he introduced himself as eli the elf.
he informed us that he has come to observe our family,
learn all about our likes
and see the things we own,
so he can help santa make the most suitable gift for our family.
he will explore our homes every night,
and we must find him the next day and read his note.
the tricky part is that we can't touch him.
if we do he loses his magic and must return to the north pole.
thankfully we haven't touched him yet.
the letter that he brings every day contains a christmas activity for us to do that day.
if we do it he brings us another one the next day.
our activity today was to write in our family christmas journal about what makes christmas special to us,
what we like to do at christmastime,
and what we like to eat at christmas.
he has created so much excitement around here.
while this is not our usual type of christmas activity,
i think it is exactly what we needed this year,
and i hope eli finds his way back here each year,
and perhaps he will help create fond memories for my children to take to their own homes.
welcome, eli the elf.

1 comment:

katwalk said...

I love it I remember having an elf like that but I had no idea.....I think it would be a good idea if he has not thought of it yet..but I bet Santa would like them to clean out there toy box and donate to other little kids that my not have an elf. I know Will felt real bad when he touched him with his excitement.

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