Saturday, December 10, 2011

day 10 eli the elf

another day in the snow for eli.
he didn't move from his spot today because we didn't complete his assignment of making snow yesterday.
he decided to spend the night making marshmellow snowmen in his sugary pile of snow.
the kids were so curious about his "snow" that he was sitting in;
they kept encouraging me to taste,
but i refused.
they finally got brave enough and discovered it was sugar.
then they couldn't keep their hands out of it.
even maggie.
she got carried away and decided to take eli out of the snow.
she carried it across the house to me.
the boys were totally panicked!
i grabbed eli by his string and placed him out of reach on the christmas tree.
we knew he lost a lot of magic with that episode.
the boys were frantic he would not come back.
we worked hard to keep him and untouched,
and we definitely made sure we completed his request.
boy, am i glad we did!
that snow was awesome!
i don't know if i was more impressed or the children.
if your elf hasn't delivered snow in seconds perhaps you should try to find some.
we enjoyed fulfilling this request,
and now we are nervously waiting to see if maggie stole too much magic for him to return again.

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