Thursday, March 29, 2012

where did it go?

i really need a camera for this!
a really good camera that can zoom in & perfectly capture this.
will shaved one of his eyebrows off!
i noticed it tonight when he crawled onto my lap.
i asked where his eyebrow went,
and he had no idea what i was talking about.
he kept begging pete to tell him where it went.
pete kept begging will to tell how it came off.
he said he fell on the sidewalk,
he skidded on a rock,
and it just fell off.
then with tears he admitted that he had no idea where it went.
it was easy for us to make the connection.
he was messing with a razor last night in the bath.
i thought we took it away very quickly,
but i guess it wasn't quick enough.
i carried him the bathroom,
showed him the razor,
and then got the confession.
he said he put shaving cream on his eye and moved dad's razor over it since he couldn't find the kid one.
well, now he has no eyebrow.
he was so embarassed.
he sat on my lap and cried.
he wanted it to grow back,
and he didn't want anyone in the family looking at him or talking about it.
it's a good thing we can hold our tongues,
but i'm certain that on the inside we were all fighting backs tears of laughter.
hair grows back sooner or later.

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Ganny said...

OH WILL you are something!!!!!

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