Wednesday, March 28, 2012

it's all good

i've been a little heavy feeling lately,
looking constantly for reminders to snap me out of my funk.
i stumbled upon this,
(thank you, pinterest)
and it has become the daily mantra chant.
then my children delivered me the reminder that my life is great.
they were delightful in every way today....
playing together all day without fighting,
or at least resolving their own conflicts,
playing make believe with any item in sight like the zebra rug & brass miniatures,
playing outside alone without being told to go out,
playing drums with one my clients,
lots of whispering to each other,
self-entertaining while i did hair,
hiking excitedly with dad,
and balancing cups of water on each other while laying in the backyard.
yes, balancing water,
on stomachs, faces, and necks.
a few unforgettable things were heard, too.
sam saying kindly to will,
"lets clean this up before we go in.",
and the best thing...
sam: "can tomorrow be an off day (no media), too? today was so fun i want to do it again."
bless you, children!
thank you for so wonderfully reminding me how terrific my life is.
i have the best life because of the people in it.

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Jani said...

I love those kind of days. Send your kids over to play at my house when you have clients. My boys are so much better when they have friends to play with. Im serious. call anytime you need to. 801-703-4733

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