Saturday, March 24, 2012

call 911 for emergencies only

just in case you are wondering,
if you call 911,
then a policeman will show up at your house.
we learned that today.
i was downstairs sewing.
the boys were in & out.
will was taunting sam that he was going to call 911.
he does this taunt often and is always reminded to not call 911.
today the taunt was real.
he actually did it once they left the room.
i heard the doorbell ring and heard will answer it.
we were expecting our plumber to replace our water heater.
we know him well,
so i didn't rush up,
until i heard an unrecognizable voice telling will that he needed to go get his mom.
he told him i was sewing.
i was quickly up the stairs to find a police officer on my porch.
will had called 911.
as soon as he opened the door he apparently confessed to the officer he had called,
until maggie walked around the corner.
then he said that she actually did it.
i was something....
mortified, embarrassed, humored, or something.
the officer handled it great.
he talked to will about why it's not ok to call 911 unless it's an emergency.
will was very polite & responsive,
but i could see the panic in his eyes.
i was quite certain he could've passed out.
he was as white as a ghost with no color left in his lips even.
after he left i took will in my arms & asked if he was going to call 911 again.
he said no.
i asked if he was going to call 911 if our house was on fire.
he said yes.
then he burst into tears.
lesson was learned.
(oh, and the plumber did show up while the police officer was on our porch.)


Uriona Family said...

I'm surprised you're just now joining the club. We're members too. Isn't it fun?! :)

Ganny said...

Poor little Will.

Anonymous said...

adam did the same thing calling 911
but the good thing,they just call back twice and needed to explain what no need the police to come :)

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