Wednesday, February 22, 2012


quite some time ago my sisters and i read the book "this i believe: the personal philosophies of remarkable men and women".
this book contains essays of 80 americans...
some famous and many unknown.
each essay depicts a personal belief and how they arrived at that belief.
it was certainly a stirring book.
my sisters and i tried to answer the question about the one thing that we believe.
it took only an instant for me to know my answer.
i believe in time.
it is a universal gift,
and not to mention the most unbiased gift.
when we all wake each day,
assuming that we don't die that day,
we all have the same gift of 24 hours,
regardless of if we are a bum on the street,
a single mom,
on the wealthiest list,
or anything in between.
while everyone's circumstances are different,
the amount of time is not.
i question often if how i am using my time is a reflection of my goals.
at times yes,
but more times than not no.
i'm often guilty of thinking "i will use my time better when..."
or "if only...then...".
even in my busy current stage of life i know i could be using my time more wisely.
use it or lose it,
and this i believe.

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