Wednesday, February 1, 2012


do you ever have days where you wish someone could be capturing all of your candid moments because they are just so memorable?
since there were no candid takers around here,
i had to do the next best thing.
i imprinted each of our memorable moments right onto my heart.
i was watching with fascination,
and with the kind of joy that makes your heart feel like it's coming out of your body,
as my children used their wings all day long.
their gifts were so clear to me as i watched each one of them do their thing...

maggie mothering her baby doll the whole day with sips out of her bottle, rides in her stroller, and wrapping her in her blanket and squeezing her so tight.
what a perfect little mother she is already!

will engineering and constructing the perfect forts all day long
and being happy.
so happy and content with all that was going on around him.

and sam.
he finds his joy in creating.
and organizing.
he re-arranged his dresser top several times.
he offered insight onto what i should hang on my bedroom walls,
and best of all he organized an amazing activity for our family last night.
it was perfectly orchestrated right down to the angle of the chairs.
he wanted a stargazing activity.
he stood for quite some time in our front yard looking from every corner trying to decide where we would be able to see the most stars unobstructed.
he carried kitchen chairs outside and lined them up in a perfect row,
and each one was covered with a blanket for the crowd's comfort.
hot cocoa was made for sipping while outside.
and there we sat as a family,
right on our busy street,
looking at the stars,
drinking hot cocoa,
and telling jokes.
lots of made up jokes that didn't really make much sense but were still funny.
then the deer came.
the deer always come.
we watched with wonder
until the boys decided we needed to clean out the remaining produce in our fridge for their midnight snack.
we followed the deer up the street dropping tasty morsels all along the way.

tender i tell you.
watching these delightful children having the space to be exactly what is in their heart is about the best thing this mama's heart could hope for.

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Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Sounds like a glorious day!

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