Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy happy day

i have this sister that is 18 months younger than me.
i didn't care too much for her as little, little kids.
i spent a lot of time choking her
and even more time bossing her around.
well, i definitely don't choke her anymore,
and i try really hard to not boss her around.
instead, i'm trying to squeeze in as much time as i can get with her.
thankfully she only lives 1.2 miles away
and thankfully she doesn't mind my company.
she turned 31 today.
it's not too old.
i'll always be older.
we spent her birthday lunch discussing how we don't look at early 20 year olds and wish it was us anymore.
we are grateful to be comfortable in our maturing skin.
happy birthday, little sister.

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katwalk said...

CHOKING her? I remember you hitting her but didn't know you choked her...sneaky sneaky..I guess she got enough to eat today as we ended the evening with dinner at wingers :) after going to the fun musuem, I hate to correct you but there is 21 months between you. not that it makes a big differents. but that was the big space between the 4 of you. there is 18 mo between you and Jeff 18 between Amy and Arin. I planned it that way so there would be a birthday every 3 months ;) she is special.. and I'm sure glad to know you didn't choke her to death. any other secrets Jen? It's ok you won't get in trouble.

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