Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we'll never move

pete and i have been having the "get out of dodge" bug like crazy lately. i think we are finally lining up on our desire at the same time, so we have been looking at houses. i have to admit that after looking at a home recently i so happy to come back to our home. it feels like home here. i don't think we've been giving our house enough credit. we need sam to remind of us that continuously. EVERY night he reminds us of how much he loves our house and how much he loves his room. after we looked at the last house he was very upset. he was almost in tears saying that he doesn't ever want to move, that he loves our house, and he loves norma across the street. thanks, sam, for reminding me of how great we really do have it here. some things just can't be replaced.


Heidi said...

You really do have a great home. I wouldn't want to move either :) oh, if we could only switch for a season, but then we couldn't learn what we need as we "bloom where we're planted" :) Way to enjoy your place Jen!

Ganny said...

Why would you want to move? I have lived in the same place 61 years and still don't want to move. I guess you would call that settled in. Love ganny

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