Sunday, June 7, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: you prefer to dress yourself these days. your favorite things to wear are your superman shirt from kol & luk with the red wind pants and your star wars outfit. your snow boots are your shoe of choice, even though it's now summer. i don't fight it. i'm just proud of you that you can dress yourself. you always go into your room and shut the door and won't let anyone in because you want it to be a surprise. :)

Will: you are going to be the little comedian in our family. you are always doing little silly thing like poke your head under the table and then you will laugh like crazy. you think you are so funny, and every time you "perform" we can't help but encourage it by laughing along with you.

Sam: i'm not thrilled about a few new words and expressions. you have been saying "stupid", "get out of here, idiot!", and "butthead". i'm not exactly sure where you've learned these things, and i'm not exactly sure what to do when you use them. i've just been telling you that we don't use mean words in our family, and i send you to time out to think about nice words to say instead. you had a complete melt down in time out tonight after you called me stupid. you came out crying and saying you were so sorry and wouldn't call me stupid anymore. i hope you won't call me that or anyone else anymore.

Will: i love everything that comes out of your mouth. every time you see a motorcycle you always say "dada!". if you see a basketball goal on the street you always starting chanting "ball, ball, ball!". my all time favorite thing is your "buh-bye!" (bye-bye); you say it and wave anytime you are leaving somewhere. you also say it to people when you are ready for them to go. sometimes when i'm ready to leave and you're not coming i will say bye-bye to you thinking it will make you come. instead you look at me and wave with your "buh-bye".

i love our costco traditions. no trip to costco is complete without a hot dog and slice of pizza from the snack bar. it's amazing to watch how much smoother this process has gotten over the last year. the 2 of you are so well behaved while eating instead of running all over the place. it's actually really nice. you love riding in the double cart seat together. today the 2 of you were being little stinkers by grabbing the food in our basket and throwing it out. after a few times of telling you no i said we should find a worker to babysit the both of you so i could finish shopping. that did it for sam; he was not about to go for that. will wasn't buying and threw more food out. sam freaked out that i was going to leave him with a worker. he was begging will to stop throwing out food and screaming at me that he didn't want to leave his brother. that certainly had more of an impact than i was expecting. :)

Sam: i was so proud of you today. we went to a neighbor's house to play on their big bounce house. you were running with your H friend most of the time, but you were always making that your L friend was included. you didn't ever want to leave him behind. i'm so grateful when i see you that aware of including other people. i made sure to praise you for that and you just kept saying your welcome. my greatest hope is to have children that will always be that aware of including all people.

Will: you are so funny to watch every time we play in the water-hose sprinkler outside. you DO NOT like getting wet! however, you love watching sam running around screaming and running through the water. you imitate him by running all over the yard screaming, but you will not run through the water. you've never cared much for water. you don't like swimming much, and you freak out if we ever have to go through a sprinkler on our walk. funny boy.

Sam: you love going to Texas Roadhouse. you refer to it as the restaurant with the peanuts on the floor. the 1st time we went there and we told you that you could throw the peanut shell on the floor you said "that's weird!" and you won't do it. you still ask all the time if we can go there though.

Will: i have started noticing that you sing yourself to sleep at night. it is so precious! i've been hearing you make noise in bed, so i poked my head in to watch you. you were just laying there singing and mumbling to yourself. you are still so easy to put to bed!

Sam: you still have a hard time waking up. you will whine/cry for about 20 minutes and will only let me get close to you; i have to hold you non-stop so you can twirl my hair. you still LOVE twirling my hair! you do it all the time when you are tired, and you tell me continuously that you love my hair. i often wonder how long you will have this hair habit. i think it's sweet and wonder if you will still be doing it when you are 10.

Will: your newest expression is "all mine". today at church you got a snack out of the bag and looked at sam and said "all mine!". you don't always love sharing on your own, but if sam ever asks nicely you share every time.


Arin and Troy said...

I dont think you have anything to worry about, I saw a boy about Isac's age at Stockton's dr appt sitting beside his mom cuddled up to her twirling her hair.

katwalk said...

remember when sam was little and everytime he saw me he loved to rub his head and face in my hair or just fel of it he's always loved weemas hair ask him

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