Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it doesn't take that much time

ok, i've been a little overwhelmed lately (actually most of my life) with all of those little tasks that don't really take that much time but that make such a difference when they are done...

*cleaning the microwave
*wiping out the silverware holder
*changing the paper towels
*dusting the kitchen window sill
*cleaning the front glass door
*mopping the hallway
*dusting the vents
*cleaning the refrigerator

you get the idea. please don't inspect these closely when you are at my house. i still haven't found the motivation to just do it! but maybe someday...


Arin and Troy said...

I think the biggest mystery of all time is how the silverware holder even gets dirty????? you only put CLEAN silverware in there!!! I need to run ours through the dishwasher, thanks for the reminder.

Meghan said...

add to that cleaning the baseboards, and that is my list too. i was thinking about the exact thing the other day and how disappointed my gammy would be... glad we are in the same boat.

Ganny said...

It don't take much time, BUT is is time wasted, because you just have to keep doing it, so what the heck........ Ganny

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