Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When did this happen???

Kind of hard to put into words, at least not without a few tears...
The last 3 days Sam has all of the sudden become a real person; he is so cooperative, communicative, fun, loving, self-entertaining, obedient, and believe it or not EASY. It's impossible for me to see exactly when he changed; it's like a morphing that happened right before my very eyes but I just didn't see it I guess. He warms my heart in so many ways, but here's a conversation that took place tonight that really did the trick....
First, the background... we had a little tiff tonight about him opening some cheese that I asked him not to open. I got a little angrier than was necessary as did he, and he spent about 20 minutes cooling off in his room while I was blowing off my steam in the kitchen. Ok, on with the story. Tonight at bedtime I asked how his day was and this was the conversation that followed:
Sam: I really liked playing today, but I did NOT like how the cheese thing went. 
Me: Really? What did you not like about it? 
Sam: I didn't like when you yelled at me. 
Me: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at someone that I care about over something like cheese. Let me explain why I yelled. I asked you not to open the cheese and you did it anyways. What do you think we could do about that next time?
Sam: Next time if I want cheese I will get a cheese stick and not open the cheese. I'm sorry I yelled at you, and I won't EVER do it again. 
Then he gave me a big hug.

I know, it doesn't sound like much, but this is just an example of many about how he remembers every detail about everything that has ever happened to him. Also noteworthy to me because I love how his mind reasons things out and a lot of time he actually follows through with his idea when the situation arises again. Mostly touching because I love how he talks so openly with me about things that he's thinking about and that are important to him. I hope he always will. 

Ok, a funnier conversation tonight. As I was tucking him in he asked if I was too tired to go and do my jobs. (He somewhere got in his mind that all I do is work when he is asleep. Little does he know!!) I said I was a little tired, and he let me know it was ok if I just wanted to rest instead of do jobs. I asked what my jobs are and he informed it's mostly to put Scooter & him to bed and pick up everything. Then followed with, "but that's ok because me, Scooter, Dad, and Calvin have to pick things up, too." Thanks, Sam, for the encouragement and support.

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Ashly said...

Wow. He really does sound grown up! How fun. He's a good kid, huh!

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