Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Big Superman

I'm so proud of Sam today; I haven't stopped smiling from ear to ear. He had 3 cavities filled, and he was the bravest person at the dentist I've ever seen! He didn't even flinch! You read right, not even during the 3 shots he had to get! The only thing he did was squeeze his fist twice. He pretty much laid there as calm as a cat the WHOLE time. The dentist couldn't believe it either; he said he has adult patients that aren't as good as Sam. I WAS PROUD! He is seriously the "no nonsense" kind of kid; just give it to him and he will take it with no messing around (unless it's bedtime; then he stalls A LOT). The most climatic moment of the whole appointment was when he was getting in the car he said "My mouth feels really wiggly at this dentist." What a great way of explaining it. Thanks for being our big Super Man, Sam!

Oh, and don't mention it to him; after he heard me tell 3 people of the whole experience he asked me to stop talking about it. He seems to be wondering what the big deal is I guess. 


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Way to go Sam!

sarah jane said...

That is awesome! I am one of the adults that the dentist probably doesn't like. GO SAM

Ashly said...

What a brave little boy! I'm impressed!

Roxey said...

wow! Who's your dentist?

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