Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anything he can do, I can do better

Will finally loves his brother, and anything Sam does Will attempts it, too. The latest thing has been Sam showing him how to climb up into the rocking chair and jump off. I walked in on Sam several times lifting Will into the chair and trying to get him to jump off. The crazy thing is that Will actually does it!! I'm a lot more convinced that they will be friends and partners in crime. Will is just starting to go along with whatever Sam does. Another instance, Sam has started taking Will out of his crib with neither one of them making a peep. Will must approve of the freedom. 
Will has also flipped a switch the last few weeks and is more like a person. Still a soft, sweet person, but more like a person making an effort to communicate and show emotions. He always says "what that" about everything. He LOVES Christmas lights and every time he sees them he excitedly says "OOOOOHHHHH!" He has this hysterical cry every time he gets scared; we shouldn't laugh at him being scared, but if you could hear how funny the cry is you would laugh, too.  Surprisingly, Calvin's bark will get him going with that cry almost every time. He is our clean child; he never likes for things to be out of place. He's always picking up toys, and if he hears the clean up song he comes running to help. I won't argue with a kid like that! If I'm ever laying in the floor he'll crawl onto my stomach and lay his head on my chest until I get up. At bedtime he always touches my eyes, nose, and mouth and then gives me a great big kiss. I love it!

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Arin and Troy said...

I can't believe how much "older" Will has gotten lately. Ever since he started walking it seems like he has just blossomed into a toddler instead of little baby Will. He is sure getting cute and still so sweet!

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