Wednesday, February 2, 2011

some like it hot...

and apparently some don't like it hot.
we discovered that tonight.
we had fajitas for dinner.
pete diced up a jalapeno for those of us who do like some heat.
namely, just me & him.
will, unsure of what they were, decided to sneak one,
and he just about caught on fire.
i've never seen anything like it!
he was SCREAMING for at least 30 minutes.
we were putting popsicles in his mouth, having him drink milk, suck on candy, rubbing on chapstick, holding him, comforting him, and who knows what else.
i finally put him the tub to get any remnant pepper oil off his skin.
the bath wasn't even doing it for the bath lover.
at one point he screamed: "it's not working! what are we going to do!?"
as i was staring at the red swollen hive around his lips i was starting to wonder the same thing.
brush his teeth.
that's what i thought of.
and it worked.
he even had me hold the tooth-pasted brush on his upper lip until the pain stopped.
i'll remember that for next time.
except i don't think there will be a next time for will.
i'm certain he is traumatized for life.


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

oh no. He is definitely scarred for life.

Ganny said...

Poor little Will.

katwalk said...

isn't anyone else laughing????I'm sorry poor will. I'm just laugh as I picture itin my mind. sounds dramatic to me jk.. wonder if he'll still like weemas hot candy? that is just it bad he'll probablly never like anything hot ever..

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