Sunday, February 6, 2011

all the roads

i had a wonderful dream last night.
it was interesting but wonderful.
i must admit that i love dreams.
they seem to tap into emotions that i can't quite get to during a regular day.
and that's exactly what happened last night as i took a walk down memory lane.
i was re-living all the relationships that i have had from late high school into adulthood.
i had gone back in this dream to re-live them with the knowledge that i have now.
the most amazing part was that i didn't want to do any relationship differently.
instead i could see more clearly than i did then how meaningful each one was.
i could see the specific gifts for my personality that i took away from each one.
and it was WONDERFUL!
the best part though?
each of those roads led me to the same spot that i am now...
they all led me to pete.
and that's exactly where i want my road to end.
i appreciate the emotions that i had all along the way though
because in the end i brought those emotions into my relationship,
and it all culminates into a type of depth that i wouldn't have had without them.
what a trip!
i woke this morning clamoring for old photographs and journal entries,
and looking & reading was such a reminder that everything was great even back then.
i've been a pretty lucky girl.


katwalk said...

I love dreams too....I think I need more details on this who what when where? don't just leave me hanin' like this....

Vanderlinden Clan said...

I am so glad that or roads ya snook

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