Monday, February 14, 2011

i'm in love

i love love.
and i love all the love that goes around in this house.
i'm pretty sure my children & husband have a pretty good idea of how much this mama loves them.
and i get glimpses often of how much they love me.
like sam's spontaneous hugs and affirmations that he will always love me to the moon,
and will's willingness to turn my less than finer moments into humorous events that we can laugh about.
and maggie.
oh, maggie.
i've never seen a baby reach for me more than this one does.
her eyes and face dance every time she sees me.
i know that little miss loves me.
and i wouldn't dare share all of the secret expressions from pete that show me how much he loves me.
but his desire to always have me in his sight,
even following me room to room just to pick me up or spin me around,
and his traditions that he carries on year after year just because he knows they make me feel so special
are just a few secrets i can give away.

alas, i digress from the intended purpose of this post.
it was nothing more than to claim how much i love love.
and how much i love celebrating it around here all the time,
not just a day out of the year.
but there is something extra special about creating special moments with flowers, shrimp, fancy glasses, and a carbonated bottle of juice.

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