Sunday, July 5, 2009

trip summary part 1

i've lost the blogging drive. it feels so overwhelming to document my trip to oklahoma. there weren't major activities to report about the week, and the feelings can sometimes be too personal or so introspective that it can be difficult to write about- there's just not the right words to describe the feelings. i've decided to stop drawing it out and just write something for the documentation.

it was the biggest dose of a reminder about where i came from and how i want to be that i've ever had. i just want to be simple. i want to be content with what i have and who i am. what more can i say? hard to put into words to describe how deep that lesson went. hope to always hang on to it. so far so good.

here's the travel log....


a return to the Chickasha Branch. that's the place that grounded me, molded me into what i am. sometimes i wonder how; the 30 people who have always attended there have got to be some of the weirdest people i've ever known. they are still there and about the only people that are there. that Branch is timeless; it hasn't changed and may never. that's ok though; that is a constant i would be ok leaving just as it is and letting my children get a dose of it as often as they can. there is seriously a spirit in that Branch unlike one i've never felt anywhere before. i learned unity, commitment, acceptance without judging, and lessons i don't even know how to explain. the people in that Branch had so much confidence in me, and i appreciated it and needed it. i was so overwhelmed by that spirit the second i sat down in that chapel and couldn't contain myself almost the whole meeting. i couldn't have been there on a perfect sunday; it was so classic. the primary (all 5 of them) sang a father's day along with a cd player, and the all the women in the congregation sang an impromptu father's day song for the intermediate song, the missionaries spoke, and it was potluck. the real kicker was being asked to teach the youth sunday school class. i did it and appreciated the reminder of what it was like to be a mormon youth in that town with only 1 or 2 others. that visit was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Monday: fishing with aunt linda. linda has always been the same for the last 30 years. she even looks exactly the same. the boys loved her and she loved them.

we all caught fish, but they were too little to keep. pete started us off laughing; his first cast went right into a tree. good times.
pete trying to reel in his tree

will's favorite part was playing the cat tails and playing in the truck with ganny


Ganny said...

Hey it is about time for a blog. Great!!!!!! it is 68 degrees this morning, and an expected high of 83.we had two inches of rain Sat. It is wonderful after our extremely hot and dry period. I have found all sorts of goodies that was never made available for the boys. Gold fish, Corn dogs M&m's. I guess we were too busy to see them. Hee hee. Love ganny

Ganny said...

I have chuckled at Jen's and Petes's blogs. They have been so neat. Sure sounds like we are almost in the boonies. Just waiting for them to say Ganny goes barefooted. Boy do I ever. not to town or church though. Bare feet fit my sewing machine peddle much better, and by gosh it is just the thing to do. hee hee I have many pairs of shoes, in almost every color, in the closet. Most of the time a pair or so under the table on just where ever I take them off. My house has three bathrooms. SURPRISED HUH???? I have hot and cold RUNNING water. Central heat and air. A four car garage.(WITH DOORS and an OPENER) Yep!!!!!! sure do even if it is attached to the big shop building. Then have four stalls for overflow, such as stock trailers tractors or whatever needs to be under cover. I drive a red Honda Accord and yep!!!!! I also drive a GMC PICKUP , not a truck, it is still a pickup. I have a FARM of 240 acres and not a RANCH. I have a creek and not a stream.. a pond and not a lake. A front door and a back door. The front for strangers, and the back for kinfolk (same as relatives) and friends. I have a brand new barbed wire fence, cost $10,000. No need for a privacy fence in the country. The only siren I ever hear is when I accidently set off my security system. I only have one PERFECT dog named DeeOgee , not a yard full like in the movies.Coyotes come to the back yard during the night along with Bobcats, Coons, Armadillos and Opossums, and skunks. Oh this home on the range, where we say up to, down there and over yonder.I have lived in the same community for 68 years. In the same spot for over 60. I have traveled to Venezuela twice, Ecuador three times, Peru, El Salvador, Thailand, Honduras. Panama three times. The best place in the WHOLE WORLD is right here. You are right Jen and Pete, It is a Marvel all its own. Love Ganny

The Nickell Family said...

It sounds like a place I would LOVE. Even though I've lived in Southern California my entire life, I find I fit in much better where it is slower paced and people are real. I'm happy you had such a great time and your family got to enjoy it with you!

Ganny said...

Hey Pete, more people read your blog than read Jen's. Just wanted to add UTAH!!!!!! and also Quatemala to places traveled. Wyattsville is still the best ever place to live. Y'ALL (hee hee) have a good day. Love Ganny

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