Sunday, July 12, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

ever since returning from oklahoma i just haven't been able to get back into blogging. i'm working on it though. i do miss doing this weekly post about all the little things. i started a few over the last month that never got posted, so this is those weeks combined. i will have more current stuff next week. :)

Sam: you always have a plan for everything you do; today that plan involved building a dog house for woofwoof out of the kitchen chairs and all your blankets. you were getting very frustrated because you weren't able to execute your plan, and i didn't understand your vision well enough to help. you had an absolute meltdown about it. after about 20 minutes of helping you have some calm down time i was able to talk you through it to get your design idea, and we built it just how you had hoped. i'm so grateful i took the time to figure it out instead of getting frustrated with you. :)

Will: it was a big day for you! you went pee on the potty for the 1st time today! you brought me the bob the builder toilet seat and said pee-pee. i put you on and you actually went! we have been celebrating! holding our breath for an easy potty training! you also had a big day at mcdonalds. you can now officially go on everything there with no help; i can't believe you got so big! slow down a little!

these are some of the moments i live for as a mother...
*seeing sam and will walking together and hearing sam say "do you want to hold hands?" and seeing them actually do it.
*going to the fabric store and having both of them be on their best behavior trying to earn a snow cone. i loved that when i had i tell them they weren't going to get one because of the "climbing under spools of fabric and knocking them off the shelf" incident they didn't question it and they didn't cry. i love when i can be kind about it and have them know i mean business.
*seeing sam flip through the pattern books choosing all the things he wanted to make.
*watching will and sam work together to clean out the stuff behind the furnace so they could make a hiding place and hide there together.

Sam: he has been being exceptionally difficult this past week. he is not obedient; i ask him to do something and he will smirk and do the opposite. he's trying to hit or kick everyone who lives here. i've about had it. tonight he pulled out some of my hair, pushed will into a tree, and kicked pete. that was it. he got hauled to his room unlike never before. pete let him know that he has been a jerk to everyone in this house and we are all tired of it. we left him to cry in his room for about 30 minutes. it was a well needed break for all of us. he was a changed child when he came out. i don't think he has kissed me on the lips so many times in all of his life! i hope it was a lesson that will stick. the funny part was that he whispered to me afterwards that "will is really special to dad, and he is really special to me." will doesn't fight that one. every time you ask him whose boy he is he always says DADA! he won't go to bed at night unless pete is the last one to say goodnight.

Will: you learned to say "two" tonight. we've been trying to prepare you for your birthday. you are so cute holding up your pointer fingers and saying two! i also keep wanting to make note of what an EASY child you are! we'd have 10 if there was a guarantee they would be as easy you. :)


Heidi said...

What a great catch up on life with you and your boys. How fun! Congrats on all you're doing, I hope I can get organized enough to follow your example. :) Great stuff Jen!

The Nickell Family said...

I think the potty chair photo is a keeper for the wedding video montage. So happy to see that I'm not the only one who has a child with a mood. :D

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