Sunday, July 19, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i've been reading the book "My Sister's Keeper" (FABULOUS btw!); a line in that has stuck in my head... our children outgrow us long before we outgrow them." i can see how that happens and how it will probably happen sooner than i want it to. however, i'm quite aware that the need is mutual now, and i'm still trying to soak up every moment and cherishing it.

Sam: you have been trying so hard to be independent lately, and i love the ways you use such big phrases to express it. today we were walking down to norma's house, and you said "go ahead of me; i'll catch up." and you did; you just wanted to do it on your own.

Will: i love how you say "oh" and "k" (ok) after everything we tell you. you are so content with that. if we tell you to get in your car seat you say "k" and do it. if we tell you we are going to read the wheels on the book you just say "oh". i hope you are always so easy to please.

my favorite activity today was having you both help me clean the bathroom. i rubberbanded towels to your feet and put you in the tub with some soap. you both skated around until it was scrubbed clean. i like that system... tub clean, and everyone entertained in the process.

i went to girl's camp today. i met pete there this morning with the boys; he slept there last night to help, so we were going to swap kids there. they all stayed the day to hang out, and the boys were thrilled beyond believe. at one point sam was caught saying "this is seriously way too much fun.", and it really was. it was a joy for me to see them running around barefoot playing and being so well-behaved. it was joy for them to roll around on the blow-up monkey camp mascot. seriously, they did it for 45 minutes, and i'm certain they have never played that happily for that long without someone crying. the only heart stopper was for pete when he thought he lost will. will wondered into the lodge where i was helping prepare dinner. i just thought pete dropped him there. after some time had passed sam came in and quietly informed me that everyone was wondering where will was. i'm glad he knew to come to me; he was very concerned. that's a sign i like to see.

this was an adventurous day for pete home alone with the boys. will had a bike wreck that mangled his face. he flipped over his bike going too fast down a hill. his lip was busted & scraped with road rash on his forehead, arms, and legs. i was shocked to see him; it was pretty bad.

the other scare happened when will went missing again. he had been asleep in his crib for 1 1/2 hours when pete went to check on him; he wasn't in his bed. pete panicked; he had no idea how long he had been gone. after searching outside for a few minutes he found him curled up in sam's bed asleep. thank goodness! :)
sam enjoyed his day hanging out with Harrison and shopping with Norma.

i'm still trying to figure little boys and peeing. you both LOVE peeing in the tub. will always starts it, and the second sam sees him doing it he bursts into hysterics and starts peeing. i know it's gross and hard to understand, but it's also pretty stinking funny to see them laughing like that.
we went to a local farm today that has been preserved for the public to view. the boys loved it.
Sam: i saw my blood flowing through sam's veins today with his desire to never forget experiences that make him feel alive and how he doesn't want anyone else to forget it either. he loved feeding the ducks, and while there he found a duck feather on the ground. (i know, yuck.) he picked it up for me. he told me it would be for me to keep forever and every time i looked at it i would always be able to remember this day. :) i hope i will always remember this day.

Will: you don't love riding on tractors that are pulling trailers. this was not your 1st experience with this, but your reaction has been the same. you always say you are scared and want to sit snuggled up to me as closely as you can. you've started you're scared a lot, and i'm trying to figure out why.
Sam: we had a yard sale at auntie's house today. i had you choose 3 things to get rid of; i don't want to pass on my inability to get rid of things. you did it, and i was proud. i was even more proud that you didn't change your mind once we got there. i even overheard you telling emi that it was ok because you don't play with those things anymore. now if i can keep you on that path and jump on it myself. :)

Will: you graduated to a big boy bed today. you have been climbing out again for the last few weeks. nighttime has been rough. you are obsessed with getting in sam's bed, so we took the plunge today. you were over the moon about it. you jumped and laid all over it saying "mine! big!" all day. however, you didn't take a nap in it, and it took an hour to get you to sleep tonight. i know you were ready, and it will keep getting easier. you still seem so little for that to me. :(

sundays are not our best days. actually they are the worst day of the week for me. i'm convinced it's the added of pressure of clothes needing to be ironed, feeling the need to prepare 3 full meals and to do it on a time frame that works around church, bathing boys and keeping them clean until church, a nap for will, packing the church bag, getting myself ready, and trying to prepare calm spiritual activities for the boys throughout the day. up until today i would be flying solo doing all of this since pete was always stuck in meetings. needless to say, i get a little grumpy, or maybe a lot grumpy. i don't like it, and i don't want my family to always remember mother being crazy on sundays and come to dread the day as much as i do. i've got to chill, but it would also be helpful to get a little cooperation around here, especially from sam; he is a stinker in the worst kind of way on sundays. will just wants to be a mama's boy especially during nursery; he just stresses me because he fights sleep so much. trying to get a handle...


Dana Marie said...

if they need more tubs to scrub, they are welcome to visit mine. I swear whoever lived her first never scrubbed the mildew and hard water stains off.

BreAnna said...

Jen, how are you! I linked to your blog from Alisa's. I met your sister on Sunday, she is very sweet, and invited us up to the canyon with her and a few other families (maybe you?) but we were heading out to California the next morning. My sisters keeper? Sounds good, maybe we should start a book club, I desperately need one here in Utah, and this can be our first book to discuss. Glad to be back in touch!

sarah jane said...

I really enjoy reading these particular posts. It makes me feel not that far away from my nephews. Love you guys

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