Sunday, July 31, 2016

sunday fun day

everyday should be a fun day,
and many are.
none quite as fun as sunday though.
pine view with the engars is how we spent this day.
love the setting, love the people, and love watching the kids play.
i could watch my kids carrying buckets of water and making sand cities all day long.
lucy told maggie the sand city was made of ancient ruins.
"that means there are no modern things" 
she explained.
maggie's response:
"ok. we won't put chimneys on the houses then."
the boys didn't care about modern or chimneys.
it was all about building the biggest city in the fastest amount of time.
i love water.
love watching it,
love getting in it.
love standing in the windy waves
chatting with a friend who knows you well enough to know how to tell you exactly what you  need to hear in a language you understand.

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Pete Vanderlinden said...

Lovely Post. Glad you started writing again!

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