Friday, July 11, 2014

a 7 year old's day

today will had a party.
he has been counting down since about march.
he wanted kol & luk, emi & mack, ben & amber, owen, cedric, patrick & norah to be there.
they all came except kol & luk, emi & mack, ben & amber, and owen.
he went to get air... a trampoline park.
it seemed almost as fun as he thought it would be.
i think he was pleased with his chosen avenger's theme.
last week it was a helicopter theme,
but as invitations went out he changed it.
avengers it was.
that meant he got a cool captain america cake that pete & i made.
he liked it,
but reminded me after that he only likes plain chocolate cake with no icing.
the avengers party  meant he also got a captain america t-shirt & shield.
he told the others that even though it was an avenger's party it was ok they didn't bring avenger's stuff.
they brought him an airplane, hippie ball, dice game, ninja stuffed animal, kendama, baskin robbins card,
and maggie & sam made a big twin size pillowcase like bag to play in.
by the end of the day i think he realized the day was about celebrating him,
not the avengers.
perhaps it was obvious when we took him out for his annual 7/11 free slurpee and special mustache straw,
or the bike ride down to grassy area to play tag and pick apricots on the way home,
or the dinner request of wild rice, chicken on a bone, and his own bowl of shrimp,
or the fact he didn't have to do any daily jobs today.
(let it be known he is always willing and never minds unloading dishwasher or taking out garbages but never wants to vacuum the rug.)
or the baby slideshow of him,
or the tradition of measuring him on the wall.
the reminder that i hope he remembers most is when we all made a wish for him before blowing out our dinner candles.
maggie said she wished he would keep playing with her all the time.
sam wished that will could learn to dance better.
i wished that if he ever had a chance to eat a polka-dotted hippo that he would do it.
and i also wished that he could find a new thing that he loves to do and do it as often as he can.
pete wished he could get a girlfriend.
then he wished he would continue to get more courageous.
our main wish for him is that we get many more years to have parties with him.

we love you, will!

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sherree said...

My wish is that he always remembers what a lucky boy he is to be part of such a loving family that always has his back. <3

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