Tuesday, October 29, 2013

one year older and wiser too

another year down for sam.
he has been counting for this day for at least 1 month.
the anticipation of a day for him is just too much.
i have begun to wonder what the coveted part of the day is for him.
for most children it very well could be the gifts.
i'm pretty certain that's not the case for sam.
his heartfelt and thoughtful approach to gifts this year is a true representation of the person he is turning into.
a few weeks ago pete asked sam to name anything he really wanted for his birthday,
no matter the cost or size of the item.
he thought for a minute,
and this was his sincere reply:
"i can't think of anything. i have everything i could ever want or need."
and that tone has remained.
he was still encouraged to make a list for grandparents, etc. whose preference was a list.
he struggled coming up with one,
but after much contemplation he made one.
the items on his list were equally telling of how satisfied he is.

a puzzle (100 pieces, not less and not more than 200)
plain legos
new shin guards
soccer warm-up suit
clothes like jeans or socks
soccer jammies
soccer hat
hooded towel
rainbow bracelet kit
movie ticket
lunch box
Leonardo museum ticket
electric guitar

he is a child who takes his satisfaction in relationships and activities,
not so much things.
he doesn't need much,
mostly his mother will do just fine for hair twirling, wrestling, or talking.
he also likes a notebook and pen for constant doodling and writing.
he looks forward to time with friends,
especially if soccer is involved.
for much of his spare time soccer is his thing...
dribbling around the yard, taking shots on me or blocking mine, playing one on one with me.
his time rarely contains a thing.
he is growing into a boy with a strong sense of who he is and what makes him happy.
he was born a miniature grown-up,
and with each passing year that becomes more apparent.
i adore his adult-like ways,
and i love it when he's just my little boy.
happy birthday, sam.

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