Sunday, July 28, 2013

software programmer

for the sake of this post, let's pretend i know something about computer programming.
(note: i know nothing.)
i may not know much about computer programming,
but i feel like i'm learning a thing or two about child programming.
i know that what kids are told at this age is what they believe.
it becomes what shapes their world down the road, too,
so i want to make certain it's not corrupted code.
i know i want to be the one writing their initial software code,
and i want it to be full of love and objectivity.
i know that i won't be the one controlling what gets written later in their life,
nor do i want to be totally responsible for that,
but right now i don't want the initial code to be written by friends, neighbors down the street, church teachers, media, or anyone else.
i want it to be written by moi, me, the mother,
the person who has given constant thought since their conception on what feels best for them combined with all the love and hope a mother has.
i mean that,
and i've never worked harder to write a better code.
however, on a lighter note to illustrate that i have written code,
i have a funny story.
this morning will was complaining about not wanting to go to church and crying about why he has to go.
i generally just try to explain that it's a family tradition that we honor in our family,
but this morning sam gave a better explanation than me.
in a loving, teaching older brother kind of way sam said:
"it's just part of the sunday daily job. it's one of the first things first for sundays."
cha ching.
that proved that the "first things first" and the "daily job" code has been successfully installed even if it didn't perfectly apply to explaining why we had to go to church.
it registered with will though.
he speaks that language, too.
perhaps i know more about programming than i initially gave myself credit for.

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