Monday, March 18, 2013

meet smokey-lala

i love cats.
there i said it.
i'm not a cat lady,
but i can surely appreciate the soft fur of a kitty and its squishy paws and how they curl up in your lap and sleep and purr with their eyes barely open.
or how they claw your hair softly when they are laying by your head.
or how they get so hyper when they get too much catnip.
i guess i just like them.
a lot.
pete doesn't,
but after 11 years he finally consented and let me bring one home.
i think it helps that we have another cat lover in the family.
something about being 5 years old and begging your dad has a different effect than being 33 and begging your husband.
we brought her home today,
and the boys named her smokey-lala vanderlinden.
we call her smokey-lala for short.
she is 8 weeks old,
litter box trained,
a gentle but playful nature,
and has more attention than any cat would ever need.
(mostly by that 5 year old who begged their dad for one.)


Arin and Troy said...

Talk about jealous!!!

katwalk said...

So happy for you all. I want a cat.

Suzie said...

Happy for you but don't tell Max...he seriously wants one and I would seriously have to consider moving out if he ever got one.

Hope you're all having fun with her!!

Ganny said...

Oh Boy!!!!! Sure looks like a contented kitty.

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