Monday, March 18, 2013

everyone has a story to tell

last week i went to a book club where we were discussing a memoir.
i can't say i loved the content or the person writing it.
i had many critiques,
and i wasn't alone.
perhaps i was quite critical actually,
even finding it hard to find some good even in a tragic story.
i have felt a little bit of "shame on me" feelings this week as i've continued to think about it.
we all have a story to tell,
some are better than others,
but that doesn't make anyone's story less valid.
sometimes it's even a great story that gets off track with poor writing style/ability or the words to express it accurately with just words.
i apologize for my harshness in my critique.
i have my own story to tell
and would hope for a little more compassion & understanding than i gave in my review of this story.

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BreAnna said...

You are a better person than me. I paid money for a book and I critique the book. fiction or non fiction. Although that particular book would have been much easier for me to critique (and believe) had it been fiction. I did have a little guilt about being harsh also. But if I plan to live of the proceeds of my book. I don't care who thinks I'm delusional because guess what, suckers!!! you just bought my book. Jokes on us!

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