Monday, January 14, 2013

written on her code

i am a hairstylist.
i have wanted to do hair since i was 4 years old.
any paper i ever filled out as a child about what i wanted to do when i grew up it was always hair.
now i'm doing it.
and now i have a daughter who has part of cosmetology written on her genetic code.
she prefers nails though.
her nails are always painted pink,
and she is always looking for someone who will let her paint their nails.
so far her dad & i are her only clients.
she has great accuracy in staying right on the nail bed.
she has such concentration & precision that it's hard to remember she is just 2.
she not only has sharp precision in her technique but also in the management of her product.
there have been 3 instances where she has gotten into polish unauthorized.

1. opened the polish and spilled in the bathroom. not 1 drop on her clothes and only in the sink so it could clean up easily.
2 & 3. she painted her own hands. she put a magazine on the table to rest her hand on and beautifully covered each nail without a drop on the floor, table, or clothes.

she's got a skill if i must say so myself.
i won't be surprised when she brings her 1st "what do you want to be when you grow up" paper home from school and it says "nail tech".
it is written on her code.


Pete said...

She's a natural...I may even be a repeat customer.

Ganny said...

Pete, hope yours are clear instead of pink. Cute picture!!!!!

Roxey said...

Such a cute picture! That's so fun! Greyson has chef written on his is amazing when they naturally navigate towards a skill!

Dana Marie said...

So nice that Pete was game to let her paint his nails! She couldn't do any worse than I do myself. Wish we were closer!

katwalk said...

you go Maggie!!!! just think in no time he can set up shop with you :)

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