Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ganny, this one's for you

dear ganny,
remember how we were talking today about will hiding under the kitchen sink cabinet
and how we couldn't find him even after calling for him over and over?
well, he must have something with hiding in cabinets.
i found him again today in one.
this time it happened to be in the cabinet ABOVE our oven.
he didn't cover his tracks well enough.
there was a chair left under the cabinet.
is this the look you were expecting on his face?


me & will

ps... don't you love maggie's hand reaching up? she was trying to reach the knob so she could get in. not quite tall enough, but i think she is learning a thing or 2 from her brothers.

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Ganny said...

My gosh Will, what a game.It sure looks like fun. How did you get up there? You must be part monkey. uuh uuh uuh. Yes that is the look that I expected. Maggie still needs a boost for now, but looks like soon!!!! Jennifer what on earth do you do in your spare time?????

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