Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the pull

i've taken a long break from this space.
through the summer i didn't feel the pull to it.
we were busy...
remodeling kitchens,
going on trips,
celebrating anniversaries,
and filling our days with all things summer.
now that there is starting to be a hint of fall in the air,
i am feeling a pull.
a pull to come back to writing,
to recording our days,
and just having a place to dump the things that are always swirling in my head.
every time i look back through the archives of this blog i am overwhelmed.
overwhelmed that this is really my life.
and so grateful that i have recorded the things i have.
i don't want another season to pass without a record.
no more children growing with parents forgetting to document what it was like in these most magical years.
plus, now that this is my kitchen i will always have a beautiful place to come for inspiration. :)


Uriona Family said...


Arin and Troy said...

It really looks like a different house! Can't wait to see it in person!

Ganny said...

The kitchen is beautiful!!!!!!!

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