Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i know a boy

i know this boy.
he's a pretty special boy.
sometimes in his quietness
he gets misunderstood or overlooked.
and sometimes this really hurts my heart.
especially because i happen to know what a tender spirit this boy came with.
i've never seen a child think of others more,
especially his siblings,
like this boy does.
he can overcome his shyness to ask the cashier giving away candy at the grocery store if he can have one for his brother,
and he does it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
he also 'buys' dollars to buy candy,
and then he splits it with his sister because he doesn't want her to feel sad that she doesn't have any.
and he does it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
he has such a way with younger children.
he can connect with them and take care of them through his gentle play.
but then sometimes it doesn't really hurt my heart
because i know this tenderness, gentleness, and concern for others is a gift that can't easily be taught.
sometimes he cries to be separated from his parents
or doesn't want to play soccer,
or is terrified of going to school.
these are NOT the things that i will let define this boy i know.
i know when he is not 5 anymore those things will change & will no longer be issues,
and he will be left with the special gift that he was lucky enough to just be born with.
that's the gift i will keep fostering during this time,
and that may seem silly to some,
but trust me,
this world needs more people like this boy,
not just more boys that can kick a soccer ball.


Melanie Lutz said...

So sweet! Good job Mama. He might have learned a little from his Daddy being and doing what he does.

Melissa said...


I really appreciate your deep thoughts. Thanks. It's good to connect in this little way.

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