Thursday, November 17, 2011

someone got a haircut

maggie's hair has grown to be such a reflection of her personality.
the back has these wild curls just like her dad.
she, or i guess i should really say i, have given up on having a bow or accessory in it.
she will touch it within the 1st few seconds, ooh & aahh, and pull it out,
so i've been glad she has curls to distract.
however, they have been a little scraggly and out of control.
so, what's a hairstylist mom to do?
well, trim them of course.
no surprise that mag loved getting her haircut.
she sat so big in the chair
and definitely loved watching herself.
in an instant those curls went from mangey to manageable.


Ganny said...

well now, Ain't that cute!!!!!!

The Nickell Family said...

I hope you didn't use those loppers in the picture to cut her hair! :) looks great...wished you lived closer, I need a trim!

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