Monday, November 7, 2011

because i'd rather laugh than cry

this is how i feel on many days,
especially today.
this morning before school sam retrieved me from blow drying my hair.
he said i have to come see something that was totally awesome.
to my surprise i walked into the kitchen to see that the boys had emptied the garbage cans all over the kitchen floor.
what's a mom to do!!! 
rest assured,
i didn't clean it up.
shortly after, i attempted to clean up the breakfast mess,
only to find that will & maggie had dumped every blanket we own in maggie's floor to make a blanket city.
that one i did clean up.
THEN i thought i would put some laundry away,
mind you my laundry was just 1/5 of what i was putting away.
i stopped with the boys laundry because apparently they thought it sounded like a good idea to unscrew the knobs off the dresser.
i've stopped my jobs at this point.
i think either way it doesn't matter.
there will always be more jobs waiting.


Pete said...

Awww baby doll you are a great mom...even if our kids are dirty little scoundrels.

Arin and Troy said...

Just reading this stressed me out. Its a good thing you handle this kind of stuff alot better than I do!! My kids would have just gotten yelled at and spanked! :)

katwalk said...

but jen doesn't spank or does she???

Heidi said...

Oh, I SOOO relate! You are a great mom. I had a few of these lately, just yesterday, then as I got off the Manhattan bus with full arms and two tired kids a Harlem lady said "You Momma deserve the Oscar award!" I thanked her and the kindness made me cry out of gratitude for a little tender mercy. YOU deserve the Oscar Award today, Jen! :) Keep on keeping on.

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