Friday, November 6, 2009

better late than never

sam had quite the birthday last week. as of now, he's an easy kid to please. the only thing he wanted for his birthday was...

a dinosaur cape

a dinosaur cake

and for his cousin rachel to come to his party

he even told me that at his party he didn't want any extra games; he said he likes just playing around with his "friends". however, i did plan a dinosaur hunt where i decorated part of our house like a jungle and gave the kids a scavenger hunt list of dino things to find in the jungle. it was a great party with all of our family and yummy tostadas (his favorite right now) for dinner.

he really seems so much older now that he's 4, even though i know he really can't be that much older than he was 2 weeks ago. he woke the next morning and said he felt so much better now that he was four; i'm glad.


Ashly said...

cute!!! he's adorable. I gotta get planning on Clark's party - his bday is a week away! And, I agree on our uncanny ability to plan our kids together. This is 3 for 3 that will be within a month or so of each other!

Dana Marie said...

cute cake, cute cape and you made a jungle in your house. You deserve a cape too!

katwalk said...

it was a very fun party......and I'm glad that Sam is finaly 4 is has been wanting to be or saying he is all ready is four for the longest time

sarah jane said...

i love the cake, its super cute

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