Monday, February 2, 2009

finally, the light came on

I was talking with my sister today about a blog we are both familiar with. My sister commented on what an amazing person this blog girl is (and she really is!). Knowing all I know about this girl, a comment like this would have normally made me feel like I was less amazing because she is so, well, PERFECT. As I've thought all day about the girl and my sister's insight on her amazingness, the light finally came on. We really are all amazing, each and every one of us, especially as a mother.  Whether we are enjoying every second of it or just surviving it, it's amazing that we are mothering at all. Whatever route we go about it, I think it's all amazing. Think about it....
  •  some mothers feed their children tofu and apples at every meal, and other mothers feed their children grilled cheese and homemade cookies, licking the beaters included. Isn't food amazing?
  • some mothers have their children on a perfectly executed sleep routine, sleeping alone and all through the night, and other mothers let their children into their beds every night to sleep. Isn't sleep amazing?
  • some mothers provide everyone in the family with their own the beautifully designed and decorated space, and some mothers don't bother and let their children see beauty in what they do have all nice and cozy with everyone else. Isn't having a home amazing?
  • some mothers dance and sing with their children every day, and other mothers provide endless hours of Barney music. Isn't music amazing?
  • some mothers provide 100 crafts a day to provoke creativity, and some mothers let their kids run around outside for hours. Isn't creativity amazing?
  • some mothers teach important life lessons by using a magnet board with handmade accessories and perfectly prepared scripts, and some mothers teach important life lessons with a look or just a few words in passing. Aren't life lessons amazing?
  • some mothers document every day of their child's life through eloquently written daily blog posts and professional looking pics, and some mothers write a few things on a daily calendar. Isn't preserving all these memories amazing?
  • some mothers can imagine wild and adventurous stories off the top of their heads at any given moment, and some mothers can read a story or two everyday to their children. Aren't stories amazing?
  • some mothers can make everything they need by hand, and some mothers know the best places to go to find the things their family needs. Isn't having our needs met amazing?
  • some mothers can go all day with never needing a break, and some mothers do their best for 2 hours at a time and then need a break. Isn't doing our best amazing?
  • some mothers raise their children on their own, and some mothers have the help of a spouse. Isn't having the privilege of raising our kids at all amazing?
Now that's just scratching the surface, but you get the point.  I'm going to stop thinking about how amazing some are and how unamazing others are. Instead I'm going to remember that however we go about it, we are all amazing for just doing it at all.


Ashly said...

amen sister!!! thanks!!

Happy Housewife said...

Jen, you actually made ME feel like maybe I'm doing okay at this whole mothering thing - and that doesn't happen often. Thanks! (Sarah)

Lindsay said...

What a great insight! You made my morning!!!

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

It is all amazing.

Charity said...

Don't know if you'll know who I am- Arin's husband's cousin's wife, who knew your hubby on his mission. Every long once in awhile I hop over here from Arin's blog. Sure am glad I did today to read this post. Good stuff. Thanks. It's really, really true.

Kevin and Desiree Allen said...

Thank you so much for that! It really made my day. Sometimes I am so hard on myself. On those days I will remember to just be proud I am doing it at all.

Arin and Troy said...

Its OK Jenni, you can tell everyone that it was me that you and Amy were talking about! LOL! Im glad to hear you NOT being so hard on yourself for a change! You and Amy both are doing a GREAT job!!

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