Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And the Winner is...

WOW! you guys are all so creative in your responses! you all must have lost things before...
anyways, no one guessed it; your responses were far more creative & likely than where it actually was. however, i had to choose a winner, and meghan was the closest in her guess and i'll tell you why.

i actually found the ring on the carpet about 3 feet out of the bathroom. i'm pretty sure i know what happened and it was my fault. when i took a shower i set it on the counter and put dirty clothes on top. i think when i picked up the clothes it got picked up, too, and just fell out pretty quickly. i'm glad i wasn't too quick to blame sam or will. mostly i'm just glad it was found. 

meghan was the closest because she guessed the toilet. since the ring was found fairly close to the toilet, then she was the closest in her guess. not only that but it echoed a conversation i had with my sister amy as a teenager. we were discussing how much more important people/family are over material things. we even said that people are so important that if our child ever flushed our wedding ring down the toilet we wouldn't be too mad at them because the person would be so much more important than a ring. well, very true, but i have to admit i was sweating it a little thinking that was a potentially likely option. i kept repeating that... 'sam and will are more important than a ring, sam and will are more important than a ring...' thankfully it turned it up, and thankfully i had a few of you even care. 

meghan, i hope you like your fun prize. email me your kitchen colors and mailing address and i promise something fun will show up in your mailbox next week. :)

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Meghan said...

jen - ok, i am so excited, but you really don't have to send me a prize.... unless you really want to ;)

in the mean time you have to read these to posts by one of my favorite bloggers (who no longer blogs) about her wedding ring. it made me sick. i am so glad yours turned up... before you vacuumed.

read this first:

then this one:

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