Friday, January 3, 2014

it always happens on thursdays

maggie was born on a thursday.
she was almost born at instacare.
we were there getting sam's nose stitched up after being hit in the nose with a shovel.
i was covered in hair that day because i left work immediately.
i left work again last night,
covered in hair,
at instacare getting stitches in the child that was almost born there.
maggie attempted a tricky maneuver that didn't end well.
i was working,
pete was making dinner,
and the boys were playing with my client's son.
she was supervised just enough for the boys to know she attempted a jump from the seat of a rocking horse to the fireplace and missed.
she missed just enough to bang her head on the fireplace
and split her head open.
it was the biggest cut this family has seen.
and more blood than we have seen on any of our children.
thankfully she went to pete first.
even he was a bit panicked by the fatty tissue hanging out and the gushing blood.
he called for me to get upstairs "RIGHT NOW!"
i had no idea what had happened,
but when i saw her face covered in gushing blood,
i was pretty sure part of her face had been blown off.
i said "we have to get to the emergency room!!"
i had my barefoot boys to norma's house and back before my clients had even got out the door.
maggie screamed and cried the whole way there,
but once the topical numbing cream was applied we didn't see another tear the rest of the night.
the doctor initially advised us to take her to primary children's hospital for a partial sedation because of how difficult it can be on parents and child to have the four numbing shots and the time it would take to stitch it up.
we knew maggie's temperament.
we opted to stay.
she stayed wrapped up in a warm blanket and lay with us at her side
and all was calm.
the doctor said he was rather impressed.
so were we.
impressed that they didn't have to do internal stitches like they first thought.
and impressed that it only took 11 stitches.
but mostly impressed that maggie handled it all in true maggie fashion.
and impressed that we got so lucky to have this brave baby and larger than life girl as our child.


aubrey said...

OUCH!!!!! Poor Maggie. Liv said, Oh!! Maggie have an owie.Oh!I was crying."

Uriona Family said...

Oh my, I can barely look at this picture without crying myself. Tough little lady and tough little parents. Way to handle a very stressful and scary've had your share of those haven't you.

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